Exterior Coating Solutions

Octagreen brings you an exceptional range in exterior coating. Thanks to its latest generation nano technology, the coatings offer perfect protection from heat, moisture, Monsoon and Summer. The dispersion capability of Octagreen coating range is exceptional, due to the unique, ordered molecule structure. Not only that. Being rated as ‘green’, the range is absolutely environmentally friendly too.

Not only that. The water-base range has low VOC and display exceptional anti-fungal/bacteria/algae, hydro-phobic, UV resistance, heat insulation with elastomeric (stretchable to cover cracks) properties.

The select Octagreen range also includes transparent coatings for plaster, glass, ceramic, with excellent water repellent, anti- bacteria/fungal and non-polymeric properties.

Directions for Use (Exterior)

Ensure that the surface to be painted is free from any loose paint, dirt , grease or dampness or seepage. Any previous growth of fungus, algae, or moss to be removed thoroughly by vigourous wire brushing and cleaning with water.


Freshly plastered surface should be allowed to cure completely. For both fresh and repainted surface, apply one coat of Octagreen’s First Coat Exterior Primer by recommended thinning with water. Allow the primer coat to dry for 4 hrs.


Apply 2-3 coats by diluting 1lit., with maximum 400 ml. of clean water. A gap of 4-6 hrs should be given between the coats. Ensure that horizontal surface like top of windows, ledges, etc., are painted with one additional coat.
Ultraguard has been formulated to be applied as package consistencey. Dilution if required with maximum 300ml. of clean water.

Directions for Use (Primer)
Surface preparation:

Remove paint/dirt/loose particles from the surface to be painted, using wire brush or sand papers. Cracks to be filled with crack filler.


Thin 1 ltr. Primer with upto 1 ltr.of water, depending on required consistency. Apply one coat with brush/roller and allow to dry for 6-8 hrs. Apply an additional coat if required.

No added Lead, Mercury, Arsenic & Chromium

For special application instructions, contact our customer care.

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