Our Objectives

Our objectives focuses on several priority areas and emphasizes the importance of getting the basics right.

1. Our Products

Octagreen’s GREEN PAINTINGTM System is the most revolutionary research resulted in maintaining products for the lasting protection of literally any surface, especially at a time of environmental concern. Our Coatings are robust, environment friendly, long lasting, offers high resistance to impact/abrasion, has high water repellency, and offers very high UV protection. We have been certified as “Green Paint” by Indian Green Building Council (IGBC). We have developed water base paints that are Low VOC, anti fungal/bacteria/algae, heat insulating and elastomeric properties for the building and these paints are not only eco friendly products but also robust in terms of performance and life.
We are committed to Quality by offering Environmental friendly Paints at competitive prices to the complete satisfaction of the customers

2. Customerservice

Improving customer service is our highest priority. We want our customers to experience our people as knowledgable, skillful, friendly and able to do the job right first time, every time.

    This will be achieved by:

  • Ensuring a Group-wide focus on service disciplines
  • Improving customer engagement
  • Providing value-for-money services

3. Our People

We want to be regarded as having a highly skilled and motivated workforce.

    To ensure this we will:

  • Continually develop the professional skills of our people through ongoing training in new techniques and product.
  • Be committed to fulfilling corporate and legal occupational health and safety responsibilities by implementing and maintaining policies, procedures and practices to provide a healthy and safe work place.
  • To create a space where people are treated with respect and dignity, where all our people are able to contribute to their maximum potential, and where the diversity of ideas, work styles and perspectives is valued and utilized to help grow the business.
  • Our performance feedback and review policy recognizes that our people must understand the work of their role and the performance standards required for high quality customer service. .

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